Our deepest thanks to all the donors to the Alan Rosenthal Research Fund
We are so very grateful for your generous support.

2019 - 2020 Donors

David Colden
Lynne Rosenthal and Barbara Collins
dreamscapes design group
Herb and Shelly Lazarus
Faith Mathias
Delores Morgan
Sandy Mulligan
P/Kauffman Inc.
Stephen Rosenthal
Mary Shenas

Past Donors

Jill T. Abrahams
The Aetna Foundation
Robert Allen and Timberly Whitfield
Carol and Richard Alston
Joan and Clarke Ambrose
Judy A. Anderson
The Anne E. Samuels Foundation
Robert O. Appleton
Association of Legal Administrators NYC Chapter
Sandy Banks
Gregg Bangs
Helene and Roy Bargebuhr
Audrey and Christopher Barker
Steven Barker
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Barthelemy
Linda and Joseph Basile *
Roslyn Beck
Stuart Berson
BETAC Long Island University Staff *
Elizabeth and Richard Beilock
Elizabeth B. Carroll
Else Blangsted
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Newton Bloch
Richard C. Block
Roger Boas
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Bojanski
Charlotte Borchers
James and Daniel Borgia-Forster *
Judy and Bernard Borison
Richard Borneusch
Mr&Mrs Joseph Buschman
Barbara Boses and Phyllis Carter *
Samantha and Zack Braff *
Bernadette Brassington
Curtis and Elizabeth Breedlove *
Gary Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Brunner
Jean and David Burg*
Daniel Burke
Donna Bye
Patricia Camacho
Vincent Cannuscio
Dawn Cardi
Elizabeth Carroll*
Louis Castelli
Patricia F. Castellano
Mary Champlin
E.P. Charlton
Genii Charnin*
Richard Chinapoo
David Cohen
Michael Cohen
David Colden *
Glyde Cooper
Janegt Cornelison
Constance Cosner
Carol Cummins and Suzanne Born *
Karen M. Dahle and Sue Hessel *
Paula Davis-Mulderrig
Roseann Dalessio
Loma Dallas-Brown
Elaine Divita
Kathryn A. Woods and Daniel Donahoe
Judith and James Donlan *
Perri Dorsett and Brett Moskowitz *
Joseph Duchac
Julia Dunne
Martha Dunne and Ed Herrin
Nancy and Joseph Dweck
Myonne Ehler
Delia F. Ehrlich
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ehrmann III
Linda and Matthew Elgart
Elaine and Bob Ellison *
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Engl
Jaqueline and Michael Etemad
Helene Ettelson
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Falkowitz
Ingrid Finnan *
Mollie Finnan
Julie Fisher
Steven Fisher
Samantha Fogel and Michael Pearlman
Marion Fraternale
Peter Fruchtman
Louis Gallaro
Mary Gallivan
Charles Gibbs
Danielle Ginty
Jessica Goldfarb
Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund
Gerald Goldstein
Goodman and Reese Families
Mr. and Mrs. William Gordon
Gramercy Stuyvesant Independent Democrats

*multiple donors
Marion and Harold Grobe *
Susan Zinar Grunberg
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Grindy
Shirley and Clifford Grindy
Dave Grusin
Antoinette Guido
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Habas
Barbara and Abraham Habenstreit
Helen Haffner
Betsy Hallerman
Ray and Ross Hammerman
Linda Hannum
Ruth Harmon
Richard T. Henderson
Andrea Henig and Alan Braunstein
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Herr
Craig Hiemenz
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hogan
Astrid Horan *
David Hubbard *
Julia Jafess
Alan Johnson
Stacia Joyce
Dori Karanikis
Kyle and David Kean
Emily Kerner *
John A. Kerner, Jr. *
Lisa Kerner *
Louise Kerner *
Robert Kerner *
Sheryl B. Kerner
Susan Kerner *
Charles Kingsley
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony W. Kouba
Nancy Koven
Robert L. Knox
Barbara Kraabel
Dedre and Michael Lambe
Gillian Lange *
Robert C. Lape
Margaret Last
Valerie and Richard Lava
Dorothy Sue Lazarus
Shelley and Herbert Lazarus *
Danielle Leeds and Gregory Serevetas
Marge and Jon Leeds *
Mr&Mrs Mark Lenz
Marie Louise Lerch
Glen A. Lerner
Art Levine
Sharon and Barry Levy
Elaine and Aaron Lieberman
Ed Limato
Ethel and Seymour Lishnoff
Margo Litwin
Livingston, Omens and Magnin
Long Island University Brooklyn Campus
Ruth Lyngaas
Mary and Henry Macchiaroli
Barbara and Joseph Machnik
Susan and Brian Mackewich
Jack Mahle, Jr. *
Emily Mann-Leichter
Adam Marcus
Sue and Dave Martinson
Ruth and John McDonough
Mary McIvor
Nancy C. McKane
The Mella Family
Patricia Michael
Alice O. Miller
Mary E. Miller
Maureen Miller
Joel Mogy *
Roxanne Monzano
Delores Morgan *
Carol Moskowitz
Dr. and Mrs. Barry Moskowitz
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mullahey
Robert and Sandy Mulligan *
Sandy Mulligan *
Stanley Nass
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nathanson
Esther Natenzon
Iris Nelson-Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Newman
Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Newman
Nan Newton
Erin O'Leary
Marilyn Olsen
Nancy, Carter and Samantha Omens *
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Otto*
Oxford Industries Foundation/ J. Hicks Lanier
P/Kaufmann, Inc. Ronald Kaufmann, President *
Hannah Pakula *
Isabel Pascale
Patricoff Family Trust/N.Y. Community Trust
Dana Patton
Jacqueline Pine
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Plot
Alberta Poland
Gina and David Portnowitz *
Patricia and Barry Portnowitz *
Marie Postner
Lois Prelesnik
Paul Price
Lee Radochonski
Mr. and Mrs. Kendall Rasmus
Lois Remeikis
Lisa Reneson *
Mr. and Mrs. Julian D. Rhine
Joan Rice
Mary Richardson
Martin J. Ritt
Sandra Roche
Judy Rosenbaum
Norman Rosenfeld
Barbara and Ira Rosenthal *
Gary Rosenthal and Janet Roth *
Lynne Rosenthal and Barbara Collins *
Rita Mella and Robert Rosenthal*
Stephen Rosenthal*
Catherine Rossomano
Deborah Roth and Morris Denmark
Janet L. Roth *
Charlotte and Robert Rubin
Patricia A. Rudloff *
Chris and Jay Rudolph
Saint Stephen Walbrook Anglican Church
Mr. and Mrs. Reid E. Schindler
Thalia Schwarz
Carol Sedwick and Michael Patrick
June Sawyer
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel G. Severin
Alexandra EF Shapiro
Mary Shenas *
Mimi Shore
Steven Shreefter
Joshua M. Siegel
Barbara Silver
Marion Sitton
Janine and Daniel Small
Doris A. Smith
Doris and Daniel Solomon
Albert Soria
Susie and Rich Sorkin
Barbara Spiegel
Tobie Stranger and J. James Reisler
Preston Staines
Mrs. Hans Steffen
Barbara Stratton
Anne and Steve Striffler
Kay and Paul J. Sude
Laurie Sude
Mr. and Mrs. David Symons
Candy Systra
Jane A. Talcott
Alvin Tannenbaum
Robyn Tennenbaum and Miles Ellenby
Diane Thomson
Karen M. Thomson *
Margaret B. Thomson*
Ceclia Traugh
Joan and Donald Trauner
Elaine and Phillip Tygiel
Martha J. Tygiel *
Phillip Paul Tygiel *
Rose Tygiel *
Roseann Vidinich
Sandy and Walter Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Wander
Lois Wander
Mary Margaret and Lauren S. Ward
Marilyn Weinstein
Ruth Welborn
James B. Werner
Richard Whitebrook
Constance L. Williams
Jill Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Walter G. Winchurch
Marilyn and Gary Wind *
Rebecca Wind *
Virginia Wing
Barbara and Harvey Witlin
Dolores Zaccaro
Delores and Tino Zago
Mary Zahn-Moennig *
Bryan Zoran


Please join us in support of this important research, as you will be providing the means for Dr.Mary Louise Keohan and her team to conduct pioneering cancer research.

You can contribute by clicking here or by calling 646-227-2992

To be sure your gift goes directly to Hemangiopericytoma research, make certain that you address your gift to the Alan Rosenthal Research Fund.
All gifts regardless of size really do make a difference. MSK is a tax exempt organization........a 501(c)(3)